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Every Thursday, Super Frat lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

It’s Thursday and you know what that means bro, it’s time for a bunch of people to choke on the boner, swallow the skin flute and eat a dick.

 –  To the Brazilian TV host that out O’Reilly’d even Bill O’Reilly and actually may have ordered killings, so he could cover them an boost his ratings.  I think he just ordered up a plate of dick to eat.

What’s up with the lady that threw an empty coffee mug at the Mona Lisa?  I think there’s an artfully placed plate of dick for you at dinner.

– Don’t drive in Nebraska, bros.  Not unless you want to run into the woman that got two DUI’s on the same night and in two different cars.  Way to endanger everyone.  Pull up to that drive in lady, a midnight snack of dick to eat awaits.

–  And don’t forget the two cops that tasered a 76 year-old man in Wyoming.  I don’t know about protecting, but you officers should definitely be served a plate of dick.

– Finally, there’s the US soldier that farmed himself out as a hitman for the Mexican drug cartel.  There will be plenty of dicks served to you where you’ll be going, genius and I don’t mean the Veterans’ Parade.

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