Good news, bros.  Bruno is pretty awesome.  Maybe not quite as awesome as Borat, but pretty damned close.  Sahsa Cohen continues to prove that he has the biggest balls in comedy and in this movie he’s got no problem pulling them out and slapping you across the face with them…again.

Bruno is rated D for Dudity, but it is hilarious dudity.  Hanson Vandameer and other homophobes should just stay home.   The basic plot (or excuse for Cohen to go nuts) is that Bruno gets fired from his German fashion show and decides to become a celebrity in the US to regain his vaunted position in the fashion world.  From there it plays out similarly to Borat in that Bruno keeps putting himself in crazy situations for his quest.  Highlights include his attempts to get peace in the Middle East (including a brief interview with an actual terrorist), adopting an African baby as an accessory and bringing him to the Richard Bey show, attempting to become straight like other celebrities, interviewing Paula Abdul, Harrison Ford and on and on.

My only minor critique would be that unlike Borat, Bruno is kind of a conceited jerk.  Cohen softens him up in an attempt to make him more  sympathetic, but it doesn’t come across quite as earnest as Borat.  Also, there seems to be scenes from the movie that were in the trailer that they are saving for the DVD.  The movie is kinda short, one hour and twenty minutes.  I suspect they cut a bunch of stuff for the DVD, but it’s hard to say.

That being said, as usual some of the footage is amazing, much of it is side-splitting.  The Bruno TV show screening is unbelievable.  It’s hard to tell what’s an acted scene and what’s not.  However, it feels like there are more acted scenes than “real” scenes.  I suspect most of you won’t care.

I give Bruno a 9 out of 10 keggers.  Cohen ish da man.