Year One kinda goes like this:  Jack Black does his shtick,  Michael Cera does his thing, rinse and repeat.  It’s not bad.  Harold Ramis, who directs and plays Cain and Ables dad, does a solid job.  There are tons of funny people in this, but the performances are not as stellar as say, Night at the Museum 2.

I guess the biggest stand out is David Cross, who plays the friendly and helpful Cain.  There are also a few genius bits sprinkled throughout, including a volunteer slave.  It’s funny, but not quite awesomely funny.  More see-it-on-cable-or-netflix funny.  Black and Cera don’t appear to be doing too much stretching here and poor Paul Rudd doesn’t get to do anything other than die and mug the camera during the closing credits.    Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin from Super Bad) does a funny turn as Isaac.  “Wait, God told you to do what?  C’mon, dad, I’ll clean my tent!”  Unlike, say Mel Brooks History of the World Part I where the whole movie eventually goes off the rails, Ramis chooses to follow a kind of plot.  Ultimately, that’s not as satisfactory as seeing a funny movie unravel the Bible, but it’s left open for a sequel.  I wouldn’t count on it.

I give Year One 5 and a half keggers out of 10.  Unless you’re dying to just see a funny movie and there’s nothing else left, I’d wait for cable, bros.