The boner– truly man’s best friend… and some ladies’ pal, too.  Who doesn’t love a nice stiff one every once in a while?  When they’re called for, they’re good for a lot of things, both business and pleasure.

But what about when they’re not called for?  All men can tell you, the boner can often have a mind of its own, sometimes popping up at the most inappropriate times.  See, even one’s best friend can also be an uninvited guest.  This is the concept behind AwkwardBoners.com— a site celebrating the best of the worst boner ambushes that the internet has to offer!

This site is fantastic.  For guys, we can look at these photos and share in the universal pain that all men feel when their manhood decides to emerge, like some terrorist sleeper cell, to ruin pretty much every time we’re out in public.  For ladies, they might get a better understanding as to why we have to wait a little longer to stand up after making out on their friend’s couch at that house party.