sf-chris-avatar.jpg with Chris Moreno

Every Thursday, Chris Moreno lists individuals whose behaviors have been so deplorable that they should eat a dick.

—  To the Spring Hill, Texas school bus driver who unwittingly left a 4-year-old, special needs child on her bus all day without food, water or bathroom— how about eating a dick that’s been left in a hot school bus all day?

— Hey, Cardinal Newman Society, the Catholic lobbying group that’s petitioning Notre Dame university to rescind President Obama’s invitation to give this year’s commencement speech and receive an honorary degree because of his stance on abortion and stem cells— you should all eat dicks cloned off the backs of mice.

— Dick Cheney, who’s left “stay-behinds” in Obama’s government, designed to feed him information and move behind the scenes, should eat his own dick, in a strange mobius strip of dick eating dick.

— The administrators of College Hospitals in Southern California, for dumping mental patients in homeless shelters on Skid Row, rather than continue to care for them, should be taken from their homes and get dropped off at my new shelter for shitty hospital administrators. There, they’ll receive a place to sleep, some new clothes, and three square meals a day. Only thing on the menu– why, dick, of course.

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