Los Angeles, CA:  Super Frat, the first super-powered, fraternity webcomic has announced a crossover with professional chauvinist, Dick Masterson, author of Men are Better Than Women.

            “The story was inspired by Dick’s recent visit to Ryesmore University,” says Lambda Sigma Rho biographer, Tony DiGerolamo.  “The boys had lost a keg of beer and Dick helped them find it, so we decided to do a detective story.  Turns out the keg rolled into a local sorority’s shower.  Took forever to get it out.”

            Using his chauvinist detective powers, Dick Masterson helps Super Frat when they are framed for a campus prank.

            “Young men today need a role model that understands the inferiority of women,” said Masterson.  “As that role model, I travel from town to town spreading my vision of a Utopia where men can watch football in peace, the ‘friend zone’ is a thing of the past, and the highest career aspiration any woman can achieve is as a headlining stripper.”

            The Super Frat/Dick Masterson Crossover begins in October.  Visit Super Frat at www.superfrat.com and visit Dick Masterson at www.menarebetterthanwomen.com.



Tony DiGerolamo                                                         Dick Masterson

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