Hey Bros:

You may be wondering, “Tony, why such a long wait for the Dragon Con post?” Well, bros, if you’ve ever been to Dragon Con, you’d understand that much like a Lambda Sigma Rho kegger, you need about three days to fully recover from it.

Dragon Con Green Room

From left to right: Sean McManus of the Last Sin of Mark Grimm fame. (I’m sorry, I forget her name. I’m a terrible human being.) Myself, 2nd assistant pledgemaster sporting the colors and screaming for no reason. Lauren, editor at Space Dog and Chris Moreno’s main squeeze. Mary (below). Eric, who is a Top Cow artist. And finally, my main squeeze, La. (Hey, baby.)

This is the Guest Lounge at Dragon Con which is full of snacks and booze. Brother Hollywood and I once spent almost the entire Dragon Con in this room. It’s awesome.CB at Trader Vics

Here’s Brother Hollywood with me and La at Trader Vic’s. We had Mai Tais and bananas foster. Good food there in the basement of the Hilton. Brother Hollywood is taking a picture to email to Brother Thunderdick back in LA. Like us, he rocks the food. We spent much of our time at the table selling Super Frat and helping our friends at Minions of Ka. Chris Moreno did the artwork on it.

This dude had a wicked cool tattoo of Death from Brother Hollywood’s published comic, Death Comes to Dillinger.


The new brother pics for Dragon Con are posted here. All in all, it was a rock solid Dragon Con. Wish I had more pics, but you can check them out on the Dragon Con homepage here.