Actually, the title is an inside joke with me and Chris Moreno.  We once went to a panel called “Comic Books:  What happened?” as if the entire industry had suddenly died.  Wizard World L.A. wasn’t that bad, but it did have some problems.  For the most part, the main problem with a WW show is that it’s kind of expensive to get in and the same people are hyped as guests.  I think Wizard would’ve been smarter to plan in the long term by concentrating at least a portion of their efforts on new talent.  By this time, they would be on the hub of webcomics, where all the action is, instead of associated with collectible print comics, which aren’t so collectible anymore.  Some of the resentment I’ve seen from fans is finally catching up to them.

On the positive side, the fans that were there were pretty happy and willing to spend money.  I sold a lot of my old backstock (which is great because taking it back on the plane would suck) and it was slow, but steady most of the day.  If Friday’s any indication, Saturday should be a solid turn out.  Maybe if Wizard hadn’t set the bar so high for themselves, they could’ve even called this con a hit.  Unfortunately, I heard they got shunted to a smaller hall because of lackluster ticket sales.  It’s a shame, for any other con, this turnout would probably be a success.

I’m at table 2990 and the bros are at 2490.  Both in artists’ alley.  Sean McManus, AKA: Brother Inappropriate has joined us and he seems to be having a blast.  Afterwards, we did some dinner at Paquito Mas (awesome Mexican food) and headed back to the bros’ crib.  We were supposed to meet up with my buddy’s friend, Ford Austin, a movie director and the guy that directed the Wright Stuff.  Unfortunately, we just ran out of time.  We ended up driving up the hill to Ahmet’s and then to Diddy Rees again.  Although, after the drive I was a little sick for some reason, so I only had a cookie.

Looking forward to tomorrow bros.  See you at the con.