Today’s L.A. meeting was held in the Artisan Cheese Gallery on Ventura, where cheese is truly a work of art.  I had been hearing Ahmet and the bros talk about this place all week and how the nine dollar grilled cheese was totally worth it.  The verdict…it was!  My God, the cheesy goodness was yummy as Hell and Ahmet was nice enough to treat again.  (Thanks dude!)  After that was  a stop at Peet’s Coffee shop, bros favorite coffee place and then I gave Brother Hollywood a ride to the barber.  Floyd’s or Lloyd’s (I forget) was full of hot lady stylists, rock and roll posters and loud music.  They even had free Internet.

I hopped back to James and Karen’s to make some screenplay copies.  Out here, they have a special, only 3 cents a page for scripts, plus free hole punch.  (Listen up, Office Max of Turnersville, NJ, you greedy nine cents a sheet, no-hole punching bastards.)

Then it was onto Mongolian BBQ with illustrator Chris Moreno and his girlfriend, Lauren.  The place was called Mogo’s and it was awesome.  (God, I’ve probably gained like forty fucking pounds on this trip!)

Tomorrow, Wizard World L.A. starts (oh, yeah, the con) where the cheese will not be nearly as good, but I’m sure there will be plenty of cheesiness.  See you at the con, bros.