Sean McManus, AKA: Brother Inappropriate, is his usual hilarious self today. The headline is the line that really killed me. Got up at 8 today. Headed down to meet the bros. Got some Mickey Dees and then hit the con. WWLA wasn’t as packed as we expected, but I continue to do decent sales. About 4pm the entire con just died. We eventually bagged it early and went for dinner.

We went to an awesome Thai place called “The Palms” which include patay, shrimp fired rice and some kind of shrimp toast.  Yummy.  While we ate, a Thai Elvis impersonator sang. (Pictures to follow on Monday.)

We went to the Wizard party, but I’m not much of a drinker so it was kind of a drag.  Brother Homewrecker and Inappropriate got pretty tight and there was more hilarity on the ride home.

I’m fried.  Gotta hit the sheets.  More tomorrow.