Another fun, food filled day in Los Angeles.  Got up early and the bros took me to Uncle Bill’s Pancakes.  Ironically, we did not order pancakes, but we did have breakfast for lunch.  Next we stopped at the Comic Bug.  Brother Hollywood set up a signing there from 6 to 8 on Wednesday.  So if you’re around, stop by.  We’ll be inducting bros, selling Super Frat, including the T-shirts and some of the old classics.  Brother Hollywood will also have his comics for sale.

Next we stopped by the Bongo Comics offices.  Picked up some cool Simpson swag (thanks Terry!) and dropped off some new Simpson pitches.  I dropped the bros back off at their pad and headed over to Chris Moreno’s.  Later, I took my hosts James and Karen out for sushi.  Good stuff at Sushi Dake, which was next to the Donut Prince.  Also, at Sushi Dake we had a Dodgeball, which was a ball of Spicy Tuna wrapped in avacado.  Awesome.  The rest of the evening we just sat back and watched DVD’s, including Big Train, Simon Pegg’s sketch comedy show.  More tomorrow.