So I was hanging with the Beranek bros. They just moved into a new place. I went with them to pick up their fridge and bed. Unfortunately, since my Internet and cellphone signal is a little spotty here, I missed sushi lunch and had to grab a Tommy’s burger. While we were waiting for the truck guy, the burger went south. Fast. It was the dreaded “Shit Switch”.

Brother Hollywood immediately pointed out a building at the top of the hill that looked like a business, so I started walking there. Unfortunately, it was a nursery school and it was closed. In a panic, I started walking around, clenching and praying a bathroom would reveal itself. Finally, a coffee house emerged. Hunched over, I ran inside. It was a photo finish, but I’m happy to report that I did not shit my pants on the 42 nd birthday.

Later, we met up with Ahmet at Katsu-ya Sushi. Most awesome. Ahmet is “The Mayor of Studio City”. He knows everyone out here. He couldn’t walk 20 feet without saying hi to someone. Then we went to frozen yogurt. I’m doing a lot of eating out here, but in between, we’re talking scripts. It’s a very California way of doing things I think.