This is Tony D, reporting live from Los Angeles.  Touch down was smooth, the pastrimi I had on the plane, delicious.  My rental car, upgraded to midsize.  Everything’s coming up Tony. Almost 20 years ago, I moved to the City of Angeles.  It bit me up and chewed me out.  My car broke down three times on the drive out, I got into two car accidents, got three parking tickets and caught the stomach flu on the one day I was supposed to meet a movie exec.  When I left I vowed to come back.  I shook my fist and vowed that I would return the king of comics and take that city and punch it in the nutsack.  Also, I’d be married to Christina Applegate by then.  Much has changed in 20 years.  From LAX I went to my host’s place in Toluca Lake.  (Thanks Karen and James!)  I made contact with Brother Hollywood (AKA: Publisher Christian Beranek) and his bro, Brother Homewrecker (AKA: Adam Beranek).  We met on Riverside Drive for some top quality Mexican food and I finally got to meet Ahmet Zappa, the newest member of our world-cconquering team.  Ahmet is awesome and not just because he paid.  Yes, I can tell.  The vibe is completely different than 20 years ago.  The city feels different.  It’s quaking beneath my feet.  Shaking.  Worried.   We make plans for more meetings.  More script meetings.  The city tries to get me lost on the way home.  Then there’s a fire on Riverside.  The city is weak and I am strong.  Yes, this will be a good trip.   Second Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D has arrived city, for revenge!