Hey Bros!

A big thank you to the Comics Guy, Jerome Maida,  over at the Philly Daily News for mentioning Super Frat in his comics column!   I sent him a copy of the Super Frat/Dick Masterson Special and he loved it!  Although he did accidentally refer to Christian (AKA: Brother Hollywood) as co-creator, lest anyone be confused:  Although Christian is not a co-creator, he is instrumental on Team Super Frat in helping us from everything to publishing, to the website to the super secret project I can’t talk about yet.  Christian believed in Chris Moreno’s and my work right from the beginning and we won’t forget.  And hey, Jerome also failed to mention Chris, who continues to provide the best artwork ever!  He was there at the very beginning and has stuck it out through thick and thin!  Chris’s work has always inspired me to work harder, as he is one of the hardest workin’ guys in comics.

Couldn’t do it without you, bros!

But do go over and check out Jerome’s comics column.  You gotta support the guys that support you, right?  He’s bringing comic books to the masses!  Good job, Comics Guy!