The Lottery:  Fratty

$1.6 billion dollars!  Holy crap, dude!  Holy crap!  I can’t wait for the numbers and—  Oh, wait.  It’s over.

Losing the Lottery:  Not Fratty

WTF?!  I didn’t have any numbers!  None!  That’s two whole dollars!  WTF?!  WTF?!

Aurora Cannabis:  Very Fratty

The first weed stock on the New York Stock Exchange?!  Call my broker, bros!

South Korea:  Not Fratty

The South Koreans are pursuing peace, but they’re arresting their own citizens when they smoke weed in Canada?!  Fuck that!

Canadian Man:  Most Fratty

A Canadian man saves 20 puppies from coyotes?!  Of course that’s Fratty!

Saudi Arabia:  Really Not Fratty

Holy shit, bros.  They kill a guy and chop him up alive?!  That’s messed up!

Old and Married:  Fratty?

I’m not sure bro, but the oldest living married couple is 100 and 108.  Holy shit.