On SNL, Kanye did a rant about Trump.  Here are Ten Things I’d Like to See Kanye Rant About Next.

  1.  Why the Walking Dead is still on the air.
  2.  Why dogs would rather eat their own poop rather than vegetables.
  3.  How peace in the Koreas will impact Korean BBQ.
  4.  Why can’t there be an app to act as my TV’s remote.
  5.  Why won’t Hillary Clinton just retire.
  6.  Why are there still people that can’t seem to work an ATM properly and have to turn to the people in line behind them to ask what to do.
  7.  Explain why they’re even printing newspapers anymore, when old people can use computer screens to make the font bigger.
  8.  Why do some people still pay for porn.
  9.  What is wrong with Lindsey Lohan.
  10.  How the fuck is SNL still on the air.