RestaurantDue Mari

Address:  78 Albany St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Food:  Italian Seafood

Price:  High

Portions:  Small

Taste:  Pretty Good

Service:  Great

Atmosphere:  Very Fancy

So I was at another family event, got home late, tried to make a video, had some technical issues and then fell asleep before I posted this.  This was the restaurant where the family event took place.

Due Mari means something like “of the sea” and is an Italian restaurant that’s mostly seafood.  It’s extremely fancy with waiters and servers who are all over everything, but you cannot get anything cheap here.

I like to get a salad, just a little side salad with my dinner.  Mine was $13 and while it was really good, I would’ve just preferred something less fancy and cheap.  The bread was fantastic and at least that came with the meal.  We got the $66 Seafood Platter for an appetizer for the table.  It was fresh, but looked surprisingly small for that amount of money.  Same thing with my entree, basically raviolis stuffed with seafood.  Good, but I put it away in under two minutes.

This food was good and cooked properly, but I can’t say I was blown away by it.  Maybe part of that was my expectation, which was high.  Plus when you feel like the restaurant isn’t including anything extra or the basics (like chicken parm or just Tony-sized portions), I have to start thinking about a slice of pizza afterwards.

I give Due Mari 6 out of 10 keggers.  Good if you want to impress a date and blow a ton of money.