1.  “I can’t wait to be interviewed on CNN tonight!”
  2.  “I disagree with that guy, but he’s okay.”
  3.  “That guy that works for me does a good job, not the best, but good.”
  4.  “All right, all right, here’s a screenshot of my tax return.”
  5.  “Donate to my Kickstarter so my band can put out a kickass album!”
  6.  “My producers said the ratings for this presidential reality show are down so we’re bombing Spain.”
  7.  “Sean Hannity took a massive dump in my bathroom and didn’t flush.  Who does that?”
  8.  “Melania is looking a little tired, vote in this poll to pick my wife for the second term.”
  9.  “There’s an MSNBC special on me tonight, watch it!”
  10.  “I’m sorry.”