RestaurantSophie and Pete’s

Address: 12109 Town Center Blvd • Voorhees, NJ

Food:  Burgers, Fries, Shakes

Price:  Above Average

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  Not Great

Atmosphere:  Patio and cafeteria style?

I don’t know how to describe the atmosphere at Sophie and Pete’s.  It used to be called Burger 21, but I guess that’s another chain?

You walk in and have to order from a counter, then you get a number and sit down.  The waitress/counter girl brings you the food.  It is well prepared.  I got a burger, steak fries and a salad.  All good stuff, but it’s ala cart.  The counter girl did not properly explain what exactly I was getting.  In the end, it was too much food and I had to take most of the fries home.  I really would’ve appreciated a heads up from the girl, but she was too anxious to get back into a conversation with another employee and the only two other customers while I was there.

Then I realized, I hadn’t ordered a drink and had to add that.  It was annoying.  I felt the counter girl had really dropped the ball and kind of ruined the experience for me.  The food was good, although the salad came with a roll that whole wheat, which I don’t like.  Plus it was huge.  I really just wanted a side salad.  I wish the counter girl had said something.

Overall, I think this place would be an okay take out place, assuming you can’t make your own burger.  It was really good and so where the fries, but honestly—  I wouldn’t go back unless I happened to be in the area for lunch.  And then maybe I would just grab a burger, which was very cheap by itself and delicious.

A confusing place for me.

I give the Sophie and Pete’s 7 out of 10 keggers.  Not a bad place for lunch, just understand you’re mostly on your own.  I had no problem not leaving a tip.  When I have to do that much work and get no basic help, you can forget it counter girl.