Restaurant: Zito’s Tavern

Address: 350 Vineyard Rd, Atco, NJ-08004

Food:  Bar food, Italian Food

Price:  Average to Low

Portions:  Really Good

Taste:  Excellent

Service:  Excellent

Atmosphere:  Just off of Route 30, down Atco way—  There’s a little tavern just a block off the road called Zito’s.  It’s super easy to miss if you’re not paying attention, especially since it’s on a stretch of 30 where the traffic doesn’t like to slow down.  It’s right behind the Waterford Township EMS building, so if you pass that road, you’ve missed it.

Zito’s is a friendly bar where the locals hang out and since I think many of the locals are Italian, the food is top notch.  I met my dad here and we had dinner because he heard the muscles were good.  Hey thought they were decent.  I had the homemade chicken parm, which I thought was great.  Plus they had really decent fries.  The little skinny ones with no coating.  The waitress was sweet and kept filling my iced tea.

Although ultimately this feels like more of a lunch time place, dinner was definitely worth eating.  My side salad was good too and our meals came with a side of garlic bread, which was okay.

I give the Zito’s Tavern 8 out of 10 keggers.  Worth a stop.