They’re rebooting Friends.  Oh, dear God!  Here’s what I’d like to see.

  1. Joey is getting out of prison for serving time due to his spin off sitcom.
  2. Rachel spends the entire new series wearing increasingly more revealing bikinis.
  3. The coffee shop refuses to let them hang out there because all they do is talk.
  4. They actually have to pay the insane rent they should pay in New York.
  5. Phoebe is now a mute.
  6. Chandler and Monica are getting divorced because they realize how annoying they both are.
  7. Ross’s 16th wife divorces him and he finally admits he’s in love with Rachel.
  8. The entire cast fight zombies in a post apocalypse wasteland, but still complains about their relationships.
  9. The characters now all live in the same apartment with a wise cracking robot and a ghost monkey.
  10. The show is shot live and audience members can vote to see which cast member falls in love with who.