I’m at the Ocean City Comic Book Convention from 10-9 today!  Stop by!

  1. Total strangers expect me to give them directions to the bathroom because I’m behind a table.
  2. People think I’m rich because I write for the Simpsons comics.
  3. Putting a sheet over your comic books for the night makes them invisible.
  4. Total strangers will expect me to know the value of their old comics.
  5. People think one dollar is a lot to spend on a comic book.
  6. Little kids love touching everything on my table, but never have any money.
  7. Total strangers will expect me to explain to them how a comic book convention works.
  8. Total strangers will launch into a story about how much they love Star Wars for no reason.
  9. Cosplayers never carry money in their costumes.
  10. People who bring babies to comic book conventions are worse than Satan.