Address: 2801 Pacific Avenue Atlantic City, NJ

Food:  Italian

Price:  Good

Portions:  Okay

Taste:  Excellent

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Loud/Family Style

The gimmick of Carmine’s is that it’s Italian food served Family Style.  That means, you get a big table with a group of your friends and order entrees that serve the group, rather than the individual.  I had eaten in the one in New York, so I knew the food was good.  My family had a family thing, so we went.  It’s located in the casinos.

Unfortunately, we got seated in the main room which has ZERO sound absorption.  I mean, the din was deafening.  It was so bad, at the end of the meal we discovered that a close family friend had been sitting at the next table.  She could not hear us over the din.  It was nuts.

Other than that, the waitress was good and the food is really tasty.  The chick parm had plenty of cheese, the salad was good, the rigatonis were excellent—  We had a group desert at the end called “The Titantic” that was fun.

But seriously, I would’ve gone to a restaurant several steps lower on the food chain if it was quiet.  When it’s that noisy, you might as well be eating by yourself.

I give Carmine’s in A.C. 6 out of 10 keggers.  If you can get a quiet table upstairs, go.