RestaurantPei Wei Asian Diner

Address: 2050 Route 70 W Cherry Hill, NJ 8002

Food:  Fast Asian Food

Price:  Good

Portions:  Big

Taste:  Delicious

Service:  Solid

Atmosphere:  Fast Food

Hey, sorry for the late post, but I crashed out and forgot to update.

So, on Saturday, burned out from Wizard World, I was headed to Ponzio’s when I saw Pei Wei and decided that it probably would be less crowded.  I went in and it was empty, thank God, because I was starving.

Pei Wei is like an Asian Chipotle, although they have more choices.  I got a poke bowl, which is basically a sushi order mixed with salad.  It was overflowing and really filled me up.  Lots of tastes going on.  I will be going back.  The iced tea was a little weird.  Not the standard black, but some kind of orange tea.  Okay for this, but that bowl was amazing.  Gotta say I was a little apprehensive to get something that raw at a place like this, but it was good and fresh!  Kudos to Pei Wei.

I give Pei Wei 9 out of 10 keggers.


Quick Addendum:  The next day, I did go to Ponzio’s.  They have this new Marco steak salad.  Holy shit, bros!  Amazing!