Restaurant: Connie Mac’s

Address: 8000 S. Crescent Blvd., Pennsauken, NJ 08109

Food:  Irish Pub

Price:  Average

Portions:  Average

Taste:  Really Good

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Bar

After visiting Walt Whitman’s grave with my date, we decided to grab some lunch.  Unfortunately, Donkey’s was closed, but Connie Mac’s was nearby.   It’s hard to get to.  Unless you’re heading toward Philly on Crescent Blvd, you’re really going to have to go through a lot to turn around.  And if you miss the turn, you probably should just make the next turn, park and walk back.  Just FYI.

That all being said, it’s a solid place to get lunch.  The grilled roasted beef sandwich was delicious and came with homemade chips and a pickle.  They also roasted and cut their own roast beef and had several signature sandwiches.  My waitress also targeted me as a massive iced tea drinker and brought me a pitcher.  Bravo.  Beyond that, it’s a pretty typical Irish Pub.  Oh and I had a salad that was pretty decent.  Overall, I’d say these guys are doing the food right.

I give Connie Mac’s 8 out of 10 keggers.  I would totally go here again.