My book is out and your should buy it.  Here’s why.

  1. I need cash for dating sites and sushi.
  2. As an Italian, I require fresh bread on a daily basis.
  3. Look at that face!  How can you resist that face?
  4. If the Mafia existed, I would have to pay them their cut for Chapter 5.
  5. I’m thousands of dollars in debt from all the research pizza I ate.
  6. Need plane to go to Italian Con ’18 this year.
  7.  I’m eight payments behind on my Columbus Day Parade float.
  8.  My Panettone addiction isn’t under control yet.
  9.  I’m saving up for a track suit, gold chains and an Iroc-Z.
  10.  Every cent I make goes right back into making comics or building that time machine so I can go back in time and bet the 2016.  Madonn’ the odds!