RestaurantRuth’s Chris Steahouse

Address: 180 Market St, Philadelphia, PA

Food:  steakhouse

Price:  High

Portions:  Small

Taste:  Pretty Awesome

Service:  Spectacular

Atmosphere:  very high end


So my nephew and I were wandering Philadelphia catching Pokemon.  We had gotten an Ex-Pass on my birthday.  For those of you that don’t play, that’s like a special Pokemon Go appointment and if you miss it, you miss an awesome chance at the most powerful Pokemon in the game.  Naturally, we both pulled out all the stops to make sure our afternoon was free to be there.  Unfortunately, it was freezing in Philadelphia.  The snow was making the wind that whips between the buildings twice as cold.

We made a valiant effort to capture a few more Pokemon after the raid, but then we were like “Screw this!”  I had to get inside and get some food, but we were in center Center City.  Every bar was stacked high with happy hour attendees and we had foolishly taken the train in.  We stumbled across the Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  I had eaten at Morton’s, which is kind of the same.  They have a sports bar with hamburgers that are pricey, but really good.  I figured we could do something like that.  I figured wrong.

The moment I sat down and looked at he menu I realized this was going to be my birthday present to myself.  It was my nephew’s birthday the day before, so I figured it was be his gift too.  But there was no way I was getting a $92 steak.  Fortunately, RC had a “classics” side of the menu which was an all-inclusive meal deals.  So, for $45, we got salad, steak, shrimp and desert.

The bread was hot and crunchy.  I couldn’t tell if it was fresh baked or merely just hot.  The salads were totally on point.  All the ingredients were high quality.  My waiter constantly refilled me iced tea glass.  The steak and shrimp?  Small portions but drowning in delicious butter.  Very filling.  Even the apple cheesecake, which I’m no fan of, was really good.

So while it was a bit of a sticker shock situation for me, it was pretty good and we were able to warm up in a fancy atmosphere.  Would I go again?  Assuming money was not a problem, sure.  It would probably a good place to take a date you were trying to impress.

I give Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 8 out of 10 keggers.