Finally caught this Thor movie on On-Demand. Much like the Marvel Universe itself in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the movie makers are kind of running out of road with the material at hand. The great thing about the movies is that they get right to the point. Unlike the comics, they don’t spend a lot of time exploring corners of the universe no one is really interested in. The down side of that is that movies and movie sequels have to constantly up the ante. This movie succeeds on that level and actually goes a step further, kind of fulfilling the Norse prophecy of the End Times.

The big stand out in the movie is the Hulk, who FINALLY gets to talk. Why movie makers waited so long for this confounds me. The Hulk is the absolute best and certainly deserves his own movie. This Thor movie is definitely an important one to see as it sets up Thor’s return for the Infinity War. Seeing it on On-Demand is the perfect way. It’s light, fun and movies quickly. Jeff Goldbum’s turn as the Grandmaster is also fun. Hopefully, he’ll be back for more.

Thumbs up, bros. If you missed it, you should see it, especially if you’re a fan of the Marvel movies.