So back in 2013, someone out in L.A. was trying to launch a new late night talk show.  I tried out with these three jokes and a bit for the host to do.  I don’t know.  I thought they worked.  Remember, these are from 2013.

Three Jokes and a Desk Bit

Written by Tony DiGerolamo

Copyright 2013

Syria has finally admitted it has chemical weapons.  Russia has offered to dispose them properly, but the U.S. is insisting that it will be faster to let Lamar Odom smoke them.

Sharon Osbourne revealed today that she had a brief fling with Jay Leno.  Jimmy Kimmel announced that he would also have a fling with Sharon, but it would be less funny and not as well received.

Atlantic City is hosting the Miss America Pageant after six years.  City officials, who have been fighting the city’s image of being sleazy are so excited that they promise this time that the contestants’ hotel rooms will not be charged by the hour.

Desk Bit:  Guy on the toilet who reads weird news stories.  The host talks to a guy on a toilet who reads weird news stories.  The host makes a joke about them, but the guy on the toilet strains every time he reads.