Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is John Cena!  Wrestler, movie star and probably The Rock’s replacement.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


December 21st:  “This was randomly put up in a small article by very glad i stumbled across it via

Man, this guy did five minutes on his dead parents.

December 23rd: “No fowl play here… (Just some flying chickens)  See in theaters TODAY!

Didn’t realize you did the voice of the bull.  Man, the commercial for that are everywhere.

December 24th:  https://twitter.com/JohnCena/status/944967931171139584

Ah, pleasant.

December 26th:  “What a special few days. for and now for damn it feels good to be

Man, you’re still wrestling?  You can’t mess up that face to be a moviestar, unless you’re Mickey Rourke.

December 26th:  “Honored to get a photo with the GREAT and the guy from , . He was also in the pic.

Cena is very humble for a guy that can kick so much ass.

December 27th:  “Now is the time we begin to set goals for the new year. Whatever U aspire to do or be, the 1 thing that will make it happen is


December 28th:  “The continues to evolve and provide new ways for stars to be born. Excited to see LIVE on Facebook Watch on January 16th.”

I think Cena should be the new head of the WWE one day.  Seems like it would be good for the franchise.

December 31st:  “Wishing joy, health, and prosperity to all

Other than my pipes bursting, on track.

January 1st:  “A sunny morning on the first day of 2018. Possibilities are endless, opportunities are plentiful. Time to because on January 28th, I’m entering the match and earning a chance at history !

Yeah, man!  Woo!  Let’s go!

January 1st:  “Perfection is what any competitor strives for. Congrats to on a perfect 13-0 season

The teams should have to play until someone loses and one team emerges perfect.

10 hours ago:  “Heartfelt congratulations to one of the nicest most positive people I know for her new role

Very positive.

Well, Cena isn’t funny, but he is very positive and positivity tends to be contagious.  So get out there and do some stuff, bros!  I give John Cena a 6 for Insanity, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Style.  That’s an over all score of 8, but I’m giving him a 9 just because he’s so damned positive.  Follow John Cena.

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