Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Cookie Monster!  He’s the only celebrity left that isn’t beating Twitter over the head with his politics.  Let’s talk about my favorite subject—  COOKIE!


October 24th:  “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! It ! Me think me going to stick with me favorite to celebrate… COOOKIES!!!!”

Wise words.  Wise words from a wise monster.

October 25th:  “Cookies Cookies and more Cookies!

Only to be surpassed by “Cookie-cookie-cookie-cookie-cookie!”

October 25th:  “Me cannot pick me costume for Halloween! Should me be one cookie or a few cookies?”

One giant cookie.  I can imagine more of you.

October 27th:  “Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Me no can wait till Thanksgiving!”

And a turkey stuffed with cookies?  Genius!

November 2nd:  “Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!! It me BIRTHDAY!!!! Me can’t wait for birthday COOKIES!”

Exactly what I said on mine.  Get out of my head!

November 2nd: Dat look delicious! ”

C is for Cookie, but D is for Diabetes if you eat too many of them!

November 2nd:  “it me birthday and me crunch if me want to!”

I sometimes like the soft ones.  Can’t be too crunchy.  Those are stale.

November 6th:  “Me no understand why people having trouble with phones. “Me” not autocorrect to anything!”

That’s the great thing about being a monster.  Who is going to correct your grammar?  Certainly not a man made of cookies, that’s for sure.

November 7th:  “Me had so much fun on ! Me CHEWED lots of cookies! Get It?”

I actually saw that episode.  You’re the most life-like puppet on the show!

5 hours ago:  “Me can totally eat 30 cookies in under 30 minutes!

In fairness, a full 1/4 of the cookies end up in flying pieces in the immediate vicinity.

Okay, let’s rate Cookie Monster.  I have to give him a perfect score across the board: 10 for Style, Insanity and Mustness.  In this day and age, it’s nice to follow someone that’s just about the cookies!

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