You’re really, really in for a “treat” when you have to get one.  Hands down the biggest horror of Halloween.

  1.  Binge watch the entire run of the Big Bang Theory.
  2.  Listen to someone explain to me why Blade Runner 2049 is a good movie.
  3.  Scrape fingernails across a chalkboard for an hour.
  4.  Walk my dog through a hurricane.
  5.  Fart uncontrollably while waiting in line at the deli.
  6.  Explain to the Starbucks barista why I’ve been bringing back the cup to get free iced tea refills for the last six months.
  7.  Listen to someone explain why they think Game of Thrones is just as good now as the first season.
  8.  Listen to someone tell me about their D&D character.
  9.  Attempt to fix my fuel pump, which I have no idea how to do, while slowly making my car less and less driveable.
  10.  Pretty much anything.