Mike Pence left the football game under Trump’s orders.  Here’s ten other things I expect that he told him.

  1.  Don’t spend taxpayer money parking in the really close and expensive stadium parking lot.
  2.  Don’t scream “Fuck yeah!” every time someone sings “America”.
  3.  Keep an eye out for Tom Brady’s hot wife and snap some pics.
  4.  Don’t shit in the Trump Skybox bathroom.
  5.  When the Kiss Cam comes on, give wife lots of tongue like real American.
  6.  Throw popcorn down on “peasants” in cheaper seats.
  7.  Tell the Secret Service to tackle a guy on a play just to see if they do it.
  8.  Replace a ref for several plays because it’s a matter of “national security”.
  9.  Grab crotch and shout, “Here!  Kneel to this!”
  10.  Plug Trump businesses at least two times during interviews.