The Juggalos are on the march and they’re pissed.  Well, they’re usually kinda pissed, but now even moreso.  Here’s what I except will happen during the march.

  1. White pancake make being sold out in the Washington D.C. area
  2.  Lots of confusion from fans of American Horror Story
  3.  Demanding national anthem be changed to Hokus Pokus
  4.  Most of the marchers jumping the turnstiles in the Metrorail
  5.  Handing in petition to make Violent J Secretary of the Interior
  6.  News reporters walking around asking “No, seriously, WTF is this supposed to protest?”
  7.  Faygo sales spike in the D.C. area
  8.  Insisting someone explain fucking magnets to them.
  9.  Confused Japanese tourists wondering why marchers call everyone ninja
  10.  President Trump asking everyone “What kind of fucking circus is this?”