What’s Better?  Throwing Up or Talking to a Telemarketer

Throwing Up

+1 point: it makes you feel better

-2 points:  it smells really bad

+1 point:  you might be throwing up because you’re drunk

-5 points: you might be throwing up because you’re dying

+1 point:  throwing up is pretty funny

Total:  -4 points

Talking to a Telemarketer

+1 point:  at least you’re talking to someone

-2 points:  you’re sometimes talking to a robot

+1 point:  you’ll know the phone’s working

-7 points: it’s a complete waste of time because who buys shit over the phone from total rando?

+1 point:  sometimes the telemarketer is pleasant

-3 points:  you wanted the call to be someone cool

Total:  -9 points