Let’s face it.  Game of Thrones has lost its edge.  What was once the most surprising and dynamic show on TV is now merely okay.  Here’s Ten Things I Expect on the New PC Game of Thrones.

  1.  Jamie Lannister insists on being referred to as “handi-capable”.
  2.  Arya Stark goes back to school to get college degree.
  3.  Bran Stark allowed closest space in castle to park horse.
  4.  White Walkers changed to “Multi-Ethnic Walkers”.
  5.  Sam to rewrite scrolls and books in gender neutral terms.
  6.  King Geoffrey raised from the dead to apologize.
  7.  Montage scene of Mother of Dragons raising adorable, but clumsy dragon pups.
  8.  Baelish comes up with a devilish scheme to get Sansa the perfect birthday present.
  9.  Queen Cersei decrees an end to the gender pay gap.
  10.  Jon Snow is a clumsy, but well-meaning king that falls in love with Daenerys Targaryen and after several wacky misunderstandings, they fall in love and get married.