3 points Tinder:  More likely to get laid on the Tinder App than with the Pokemon Go App.

1 point Pokemon Go:  I actually get exercise so I might look better in my pictures on Tinder.

-1 point Tinder:  Too many damned bots on Tinder.

2 points Pokemon Go:  The App is free and fun.

1 point Pokemon Go over Tinder:  Getting an STD from playing Pokemon Go is nearly impossible.

2 points Tinder:  There are a lot of hot chicks on Tinder.

1 point Pokemon Go:  There are a lot of Rare pokemom on Pokemon Go.

-2 points Tinder:  The chances of one of those hot chicks even being real is very low.

1 point Pokemon Go:  I’ll actually catch some of those rare pokemon eventually.

-1 point Pokemon Go:  For the odd stares I get when walking to a stop, my abrupt stop and then turn around and walk away.

-1 point Pokemon Go:  For the fact that every kid in the neighborhood is kicking my ass at the game and keeps knocking me out of gyms.

-10 points Tinder:  I’m probably not going to get laid on Tinder despite its promises.

Winner:  Pokemon Go