Ingredients:  Bottle of Thai Peanut Sauce, four breasts of chicken, garlic powder, Kosher salt, cilantro, horseradish pickles, red onion, rye bread, case of beer, one Red Bull and Vodka, one line of cocaine

Step 1:  Drink most of a case of beer.

Step 2:  See Bahn Mi sandwich on TV, decide to make one.

Step 3:  Look up recipe on Internet, realize that’s too much work.

Step 4:  Forget that you forgot and take bus to supermarket.

Step 5:  Bump into drug dealer outside supermarket.  Hit him up for some weed.

Step 6:  When he realizes he has no weed, do a line of coke with him.

Step 7:  Go into supermarket, buy ingredients in under two minutes, rush to bus stop.

Step 8:  Get back on bus, get off at local bar.

Step 9:  Get a Vodka and Red Bull, drink it and realize you have no more money.

Step 10:  Throw ingredients at bouncer, run back to campus.*

Step 11:  Finish case of beer.  Pass out in stairwell.

Step 12:  Wake up with supermarket receipt with no concept why.

*I actually made peanut chicken on the grill, then put it on a slice of rye with the pickles and onions because I didn’t have the ingredients for a Bahn Mi.  It was pretty good!