1.  Give Han Solo a goofy deputy sidekick.
  2.  Make Han Solo say, “Heeeeeey” and give a thumbs up every time he does something cool.
  3.  Instead of a scroll, it will start with a voice over saying, “Now the story of the Skywalker Family, who lost everything…”
  4.  Tom Hanks fixes the Millennium Falcon with help from Houston Control.
  5.  A magic dwarf saves Chewbacca from an evil queen.
  6.  The hyper drive only works when Russel Crowe’s beautiful mind figures out the equation.
  7.  Lando keeps telling everyone to “Sit on it”.
  8.  Kurt Russel and a group of firemen save a group of Ewoks from a fire.
  9.  All the good guys have freckles.
  10.  Turns out, the DaVinci Code was written on a crater on Endor’s moon the whole time.