It’s time for you pledgemaster to pass out, then wake up later and judge!  He shall judge all!  This is Fratty or Not Fratty with Pledgemaster Dick!


The Mike Tyson Mysterious:  Very Fratty

If you haven’t seen this show, it’s amazing.  It’s on Adult Swim and stars Mike Tyson with Norm MacDonald as one of his pigeons.  It’s like an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, only really messed up.  Can’t get enough of it.

The Word Manspreading:  Not Fratty

That’s the dumbest fucking word I’ve ever heard.  Ranks right up there with “mansplaining”.

Adam West:  The Frattiest

Adam West might be the Frattiest guy that ever lived.

Anti-Protest Laws:  Very Not Fratty

Bro, they’re arresting people that didn’t even do anything.  They were just there.  WTF?

Puerto Rico:  Fratty

Puerto Rico is finally going to be a state.  It’s about friggin’ time.

Decker: Unclassified:  Not Fratty

I guess I don’t get the metahumor shows.  I mean, I get them, I just don’t find them funny.  Making something purposely bad, but try to be serious?  It’s just kinda boring to me.

Trump:  Kinda Fratty

Look, I know he’s an asshole and he’s done some messed up stuff, but—  You got admit, the guy is nuts.  He just crashed a wedding in NJ.  The guy likes to party, you gotta give him that.  I mean, I’m sick of hearing about him, but—  Look, I’m torn about this.  Let’s just say, he’s a little Fratty.

Faking Illness to get out of Bar tab:  Genius!

I have to try this.