Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Aries Spears, comedian, MAD TV member and dead on rap impersonator.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


April 11th:  “Who wanna play me in nba2k wita head set ONLY cause I talk shit on the PS4! On line i.d. is mj23s-protojay send request I’ll accept”

Oh, man.  I would, but I hate sports game.  They need to add a laser pistol or something to that game.

April 11th:  “Dude let’s b honest if scientists could really do some Jurassic park shit u wouldn’t be curious as shit 2 see it live up close? I would!”

Until it ends up in my hotdog.

April 11th:  “The craziest part about Janet jacksons divorce is that dude is so rich he coughed up 500 mil & is still ok!”

Wow.  That’s some high priced MILF.

April 11th:  “Wow so needed to kick off 4 paying customers so that 4 of its EMPLOYEES who didn’t pay 4a tkt got 1st dibbs! Friendly sky’s my ASS!”

Flying is worse than the bus now.

April 11th:  “Greed with airlines is sickening how the fuck do overbook? They know how many seats they have & when it’s sold out.”

Yeah and they act like the people who bought all those extra tickets got a refund.  I don’t understand why they even need to overbook.

April 11th:  “If oj get out of jail he should start a business for dudes who bout to get taken in a divorce(& IM JUS JOKIN U KNOW WHO) ”

If OJ gets out, he should really just retire.  He gets like a 70K pension from being an actor.

April 11th:  “And to think all of that situation could have easily been resolved…..all that Pepsi on the flight SMH”

If the employees had to be on the plane so bad, can’t they just stand in that little room in the back?


April 11th:  “My residual checks r more than ur current pay! Step ya cubical game up”

MAD TV still pays?  Good for you.

April 11th:  “Oh shit he looking for celeb help! Put the dick/bat signal in the air”

Hecklers are on Twitter too, apparently.  

April 11th:  “When a dude tryin diss u but u catch’em wit a solid over hand rt & he give u dat boxer smile, like yeah good shot!”

Never enough for some people.

April 11th:  “Jadakiss Freestyle (He Goes In)trap rap need to understand this is what rap is, LYRICS!!! STEP YA GAME UP”

April 11th was apparently Twitter Day for Aries.

April 11th: “5 hours b4 I’m on wit real corey Holcumb man let’s go”

This is at least 1 tweet every 20 minutes.

April 11th:  “We starting late due to a power outage but I’m here bout to do the 5150 show wit let’s get it!”

The darkness will be good for your impersonations.  It’ll be like the actual rappers were there.

April 12th: “So on the 5150 show wit I touched dudes feelings so much he swung off on me w/o warning! Peep it lol bitch nigga”

Man, the hecklers are everywhere.

Okay, let’s rate Aries tweets.  Gotta give him an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Aries.

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