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Restaurant:  The Columbus Market (The Chicken Coop and Pete’s Pizza)

Address:  2919 Route 206,  Columbus, New Jersey

Food:  Chicken and Pizza

Price:  Very Reasonable for both

Portions:  Big for both

Taste:  Amazing for both

Service:  Quick and efficient for both

Atmosphere:  Outdoorsy/Market style


The Columbus Farmers’ Market is on 206 and it’s kind of a giant flea market/store/food court/rodeo and a few other things.  It’s places like this where you go for quality stuff at a very reasonable price.  My brother was big on both the Chicken Coop and Pete’s Pizza.  We needed take out one night, so he took me there.

The Chicken Coop was sold out of a lot of stuff by the time we got there, but they still had giant pieces of corn bread for a size and huge chicken tenders.  Great stuff.  Can’t understand why other places can make cornbread like that.  It was incredible!

Pete’s makes an extremely saucy sheet pizza.  It’s like the cheese and sauce are mixed in and cooked together.  It takes a little while and you should try to order in advance, but if you don’t, you can drop down to the Chicken Coop for some extras like we did.

Everyone was extremely friendly and nice.  The sheet pizza was like $18 I think and I forget how much the tenders and cornbread were, but it was so worth it!  Stop by the Columbus Market and get you some chow!

I give the Columbus Market, the Chicken Coop and Pete’s Pizza 8 out of 10 keggers, bros!