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Restaurant:  Chickie’s & Pete’s

Address:  183 US Highway 130, Bordentown NJ

Food:  Italian Bar Food

Price:  Below Average

Portions:  Smallish

Taste:  Standard

Service:  Good

Atmosphere:  Bar


I like the original Chickie’s & Pete’s, which is really more of a bar that serves food.  The franchise C&P’s are more like Chili’s or Buffalo Wild Wings.  I went there with my brother and his kids because one of the kids got credit for the National Honor Society for going.

The french fries are the highlight.  They’re crispy and krinkle cut.  You can get them with spices and cheese tip.  I pass on both of those because they taste too processed for me.  I got a buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese.  It comes with celery and pickles.  It’s decent, but too small.  The fries on the other hand, were enough for three people.  I wanted a side salad, but they don’t have it.  My only choice was a $9.95 big salad, which, if I had someone to split it with, would’ve been fine I guess.  Although I wasn’t too confident to order anything here that isn’t fried.

The waitress was pretty friendly and did refill my iced tea.

Chickie’s and Pete’s has a ton of seafood, some of it raw.  To me, if you’re going to have raw oysters, you shouldn’t cheap out, so I passed.  I did taste the cooked muscles, which were okay.  Overall, I’m not impressed.  Seems to me it would’ve been easier to add two dollars and give me a bigger sandwich.

I give Chickie’s and Pete’s of Borden town 5 out of 10 keggers.  Meh.  I’m not a bar guy, so maybe there’s more appeal with the beers.