Guess What Happened to Me:  Twitter is Nuts

Written by Tony DiGerolamo

So, I’m on Twitter and various social media, as you know.  I promote the comics and very rarely catch up with friends.  I really don’t like using social media to catch up with friends, I’d sooner just call them.  These days, however, some people just aren’t reachable by phone anymore.

Sometimes I think about posting more personal stuff, but I rarely do.  I like discussing politics and it’s always a huge pitfall.  One moment, you’re talking about the policy like adults and the next moment, you’re making snarky comments and questioning each other’s brain capacity.  Anyway, sometimes something moves me.  I saw this tweet from Rosie O’Donnell.  You can read the rest.

I’m a Libertarian and someone requesting Martial Law to stop a legally elected president—  Well, it was just too much not to say something.  Again, to be clear, I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t support him.  He’s probably not going to be a very good president.  But if he actually manages to negotiate peace with Russia, that would be a positive step.  It still doesn’t mean I’d vote for him, but one certainly has to acknowledge the positives.

Right now, even still, there are a ton of people on social media endlessly bashing Trump.  Unfortunately, that’s merely going to undermine the efforts to criticize him when he actually does something.  Glenn Greenwald (no friend of Trump) recently had an article at the Intercept on the very same concept.  Just because you acknowledge that Trump hasn’t actually done anything and just because he was treated very unfairly in the election, doesn’t make him a good guy.  And acknowledging the facts isn’t defacto support for him.

The main thrust of the memes and posts are coming out of L.A.  Rosie O’Donnell is just one.  Anyone that works in the business knows that most of Hollywood leans Liberal, which is fine.  But in an industry where you have to be everyone’s friend to network and get work, it can be a real hindrance if you have any disagreement.  And since most people get pretty emotional discussing politics, most conservatives, Libertarians and other non-Liberal people know to keep their mouth shut.

I guess that’s just human nature, but it’s a shame.  The lack of rigorous political debate is part of the reason people become so sheltered about their politics.  I was once a Democrat many years ago, but it became clear to me the Dems were losing touch.  Now, it’s so painfully obvious after this election, the DNC is in serious trouble.  And this, despite the eight years of W.  Pretty amazing development considering how disastrous that administration was to the country.

Trump is going to be a problem, no doubt.  But it does no good to continually complain about him even when he’s right and it undermines the effort to truly influence him on the important matters if you do nothing but “Resist” everything.  And what are you “resisting” when he isn’t even in office yet?  His cabinet appointments?  What if they’re good?  And if you don’t like Sessions, it’s pointless to play identity politics when there hasn’t even been an incident that’s been confirmed.  Better to reject him on his policy of wanting to prosecute legal pornography and marijuana.  Sadly, it was Senator Al Franken that decided to grill him on race relations.  Guess that makes better headlines, but it’s not going to work.

So, anyway, to my Liberal friends, welcome to reality.  We have a big problem and it’s the current system of government.  Replacing Trump without replacing the many laws that have stolen our civil liberties and ravaged half the world in war isn’t going to do much.  I’m sure it would make you sleep better to see a Democrat assassinate people, but that’s not the issue.

Policy is the issue and policy is the point.  Focus up.