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Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today we focus on one of my favorite cartoonists, Ted Rall!  I worked on the same website as him when I did comedy posts for a New Domain.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting!


December 2nd:  “I am amazed that Democrats aren’t pushing to block Trump’s unqualified cabinet picks (all of them).”

Those guys seem to rollover and die on everything.  At least Bolton seems out of the running at this point.  Who could take all that light jazz in the White House if he was appointed?

December 2nd:  “What If Trump Breaks His Worst Promises? | Ted Rall’s Rallblog

As long as he doesn’t start WW3, pretty much call it a win.  But that would be pretty crazy if it came true.

December 2nd:  “Ted Rall’s Bernie Bio Has Extra Relevance in the Wake of the Democrats’ Presidential Defeat | PopMatters

Interesting.  Bernie got so screwed in the primary.

December 3rd:  “Filipino Dictator Rodrigo Duterte Says Donald Trump Endorses His Campaign of Mass Murder” 

Jeez.  Not good.

December 4th:  “There’s Richness in Diversity

Ha!  Good one.

December 4th:  “Thus endeth the theory that peaceful protest is the only effective method of resistance. Vets killed the pipeline!

Good news.  Now if we can only get the rest of the troops home.  More vets for more protests?

December 5th:  “Ben Carson, somnolent science denier, will be in charge of dismantling Obamacare? Lord help us. Dems should filibuster/block.”

He is a doctor, right?  He can’t be that against science.

December 5th:  “There’s Richness in Diversity | Ted Rall’s Rallblog

Double post, eh?  Yeah, can’t blame him.  Look at the plug fest on my Twitter.

December 5th:  “3 Big Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President (I wrote this in 2013.)”

Yeah.  You they don’t need to be all that big.

21 hours ago:  “The Party of Yes Sir, May I Please Have Another

Yeah, I just don’t get how they can’t get their shit together.  My theory, most of them really go along with the policies, they’re just there to pretend they don’t.

Okay, let’s rate Ted’s tweets.  Lots of plugs, always opinionated—  I give him an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9, follow Ted.

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