Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is cartoonist Tom Tomorrow!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


15 hours ago:  “Trump is about to show Putin what a *real* kleptocrat looks like.”

Probably.  But at least he’s not starting WW3, so there’s that.

15 hours ago:  “Putin’s been very successful at it by many accounts, but Trump was literally groomed for this since birth.”


Sure, but understand it was much worse for the Russians under the oligarchs.  They were bleeding the country dry.

15 hours ago:  “I just realized this 1960s model kit from my early childhood has become a political metaphor”

Land of the Giants?  The only thing giant about Trump is his ego.  Never seen a transition team with so much coverage.

15 hours ago:  “fighting off a giant snake with a safety pin”

Chin up.  Almost half the people voted for your kleptocrat.

13 hours ago:  “It’s cool that we get to spend Thanksgiving holiday thinking about Donald Trump, and also Christmas and New Year’s and the rest of our lives”

Kinda sad to obsess over it.  

11 hours ago:  “Pounding my head thru my desk, floor, on way to molten core of planet”

The fact that every a-hole that screwed the economy supported Clinton, tells me that she would’ve taken us to war AND screwed us economically.  Trump’s domestic solutions are bad, but he still has to get things passed through Congress.

10 hours ago:  “hmmmmmmmm trying to think what the answer might be”

Wow, he’s just all over this.  Not surprised.  Tom Tomorrow is a very political comic.  Very sharp.

10 hours ago:  “warning above the gates of 2017: abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

On the upside, think of all the material you’ll have!  Of course, I’ve beaten my Trump jokes to death already.  Kind of hard to parody of parody.

3 hours ago: “I liked barroom conversations better before they were taking place with the entire world and had no time limit whatsoever”

Yeah, couldn’t agree more.

3 hours ago:  “oh shit.”  RE:  Matt Bors saying “oh shit”.

Matt Bors, another great cartoonist you should check out.

3 hours ago:  “If the situation were reversed the GOP would already have Brooks Brothers protesters in place in every relevant state.”

They just want it more.  Libertarians would too, if we had that many people supporting us.

3 hours ago:  “Proud to be loosely affiliated with the party that rolls over and dies whenever someone gives it a vaguely annoyed look.”

You could always join us or the Greens.  At least we don’t give up.

3 hours ago: “Haven’t used Chuckles the Sensible Woodchuck a lot lately, but I feel he may be overdue for a return.”

That’s it.  Shake it off and back to work.

3 hours ago:  “The Important Thing to Remember is that the System Works.”

Ha!  There ya go!  Of course, the important thing to do is take back control of the DNC, but it’s probably too late for that.  Start fresh.

Okay, let’s rate Tom’s tweets.  He’s bummed out, obviously, but his cartoons are great.  I give him a 7 for Insanity, an 8 for style and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Follow Tom.

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