Dick Chair

Your pledgemaster may not change his underwear, but that just means once he makes a decision he sticks by it!  (In that case, literally.)  Let that which is Fratty or Not Fratty be judge!  Take heed, your pledgemaster speaks!

Pokemon Go:  Very Fratty

Can’t stop playing.  Gotta catch ’em all.  Team Mystic forever, bitches!

Columbia:  Not Fratty

Holy shit, you had a chance to vote for peace and you vote no?  WTF is wrong with you?!

Luke Cage on Netflix:  Fratty

You gotta watch the blackest show on TV.  It’s really good

System Updates:  Not At All Fratty

I would love to be in the fucking meeting where someone stands up and say, “Hey, let’s make sure the new system moves everyone’s files and makes sure you have to relearn doing stuff that was easy on the old system.”  Then I could just do this.  Why not just make the system look mostly the same?  Am I alone on this?

NASA’s Astrology:  Kinda Fratty

Sure, it’s bullshit, but at least NASA did something this week.

Obama’s 9/11 Lawsuit Veto:  Not Fratty

People died, dude.  They’re probably not going to get dime one, but at least let them try.

U.S. Wins Trophy for Golf:  Kinda Fratty

At least our rich guys are doing something positive.

The News:  Not Fratty

And, apparently, not good for you.  Even I notice the obvious bias on CNN and I’m usually drunk by 11am.

The Japanese Suicide Preventer:  Very Fratty

This dude stops Japanese people from committing suicide.  Tough gig.

Teddy Bear Maker:  Awesomely Fratty

When I was a kid, I think all I did was watch TV and eat.  This kid does the human race a good turn.