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Here now are ten board games I expect in the Trump house and his strategy for winning them.

  1.  Monopoly  (Starts with all the deeds and no money.)
  2. Chutes and Ladders  (Argues that he can only go up.)
  3. Life  (Starts out inheriting all the money in the game.)
  4. Checkers  (Calls all opponents unfit to be kinged.)
  5. Dungeons and Dragons  (Plays a Dwarf but keeps insisting he’s the only “real Dwarf” and that all the other characters should produce a Dwarf certificate as proof of race.)
  6. Mouse Trap  (Builds a wall out o the pieces, declares victory.)
  7. Trivia Pursuit  (Knows none of the answers, but insists the questions are biased.)
  8. Chinese Checkers  (Insists on playing with regular Checkers rules.)
  9. Poker (Cheats.)
  10. Sorry  (Never says it.  Always loses.)