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AreaVeterans Memorial Park Walking Trail

Town:  Village of Glen Oaks, NJ

Drivability:  No

Gyms:  One

Stops:  10-12

Setting:  Park

Spacing:  Loop

Activity Times: Mornings, Nights, Weekends

Welcome to the new review column, Where to Pokémon go?  As long as I’m playing this game, I might as well review some of the hot spots for catching Pokemon.

Located across from the Shop Rite and a plaza of stores and next to a police station and municipal building is the Veterans Memorial Park Walking Trail.  The great thing about this trail is that it’s on a loop, so you can just keep walking it as the stops constantly reset.  The park used to close, but I went there on a weeknight and it was still open at 9:30pm.

It’s more of a fitness park, so the trail is meant for joggers.  There are memorials on the park benches (where the stops are located).  And there are stations to do extra exercises as well as basketball courts.  Parking is behind, on a street.  Across the street is residential, so be aware if you get some looks from the locals.

The gym is located at the end of the park nearest the police station.  The area sometimes hosts carnivals and other events in the summer, so be aware if you’re dropping in from out of town.  There’s no water near by, so most of the Pokémon were land based.  There are no conveniently located vending machines or anywhere to get a drink, so bring something to hydrate.  This summer is brutal!  Stop in the Shop Rite across the street, something always spawns in the parking lot.

Two to four lures were active when I was there at night.  I’ve heard from other locals it’s pretty busy in the mornings and on weekends, but be aware there were a lot of locals going there just to exercise.

I give Veterans Memorial Park Walking Trail 7.5 out of 10 keggers.