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Restaurant:  Zinburger

Address:  923 Haddonfield Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Price:  Expensive

Portions:  Small

Taste:  Amazing

Service:  Stellar

Atmosphere:  High End Pub

Zinburger is a new hipster chain combining great drink with gourmet burgers.  I knew this place was a little pricey, but jeez.

$85 with tip.  That’s two burgers, two salads, one order of truffle fries, a beer, a milkshake and a slice of banana cream.  That being said, it was all incredibly delicious.  I mean, every bite was just gorgeous and tasty.  Our server, Gino, was high energy and really made us feel welcomed.  Iced tea flowed.

That being said, the price is just too high for me.  I mean, I could see going to this place for lunch if it were cheaper then.  Perhaps if I was a yuppie or at some kind of corporate lunch.  The burger was just perfectly cooked and delicious.  The banana cream pie was outrageous.  For a one-time splurge, okay.  Even if I was dying for an awesome burger I could, quite frankly, recreate it myself for much, much less.  (In fact, a week before, Shop Rite had brisket patties on sale and I basically did.)

But if you got money to burn stop by Zinburger.  I give it 7 out of 10 keggers.